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Be Smart... Be Seen!

Sometimes it’s good to be noticed particularly if you are riding a motorcycle. Too often motorists pull out in front of motorcycles, usually to make a left turn, causing deadly crashes – just because they don’t see them. More...

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Look Twice, Save A Life

Motorists need to be aware of how their actions can impact the safety of motorcyclists and learn to share the road safely with motorcyclists. A large portion of motorcycle crashes involve two key components: poor speed and spatial judgment of other drivers and …

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Many people don’t understand that alcohol, drugs and motorcycle riding don’t mix. Impaired riding is no accident—nor is it a victimless crime. Riding a motorcycle while impaired is not worth the risk of losing your life.

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Ride Smart Florida

The complete resource for motorcycle riders, trainers, sponsors, local governments, law enforcement agencies, and emergency services – anyone interested in improving motorcycle safety throughout Florida can order materials.

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Ride Smart Florida Events

Ride Smart Florida is working for you to promote motorcycle safety and awareness. Find out which event we will be attending in the future.

Upcoming Events

September Events

13 - Jason Burnett Memorial Ride
Kissimmee, FL

21 - Jaguars Fan Entertainment Zone
Jacksonville, FL

27 - Capital City Bikefest
Tallahassee, FL

October Events

5 - Jaguars Fan Entertainment Zone
Jacksonville, FL

16-19 - Biketoberfest - Fall Cycle Scene
Daytona Beach, FL

22-25 - 2014 Florida State H.O.G. Rally
Walton Beach, FL

November Events

26 - Jaguars Fan Entertainment Zone
Jacksonville, FL

30 - Jaguars Fan Entertainment Zone
Jacksonville, FL

For more info, visit our Events page.